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Aashish Mehrotra on prep that continues, dealing with the pressure of a show like Anupamaa and more

Aashish Mehrotra aka Paritosh has also been a pivotal part of the show, with quite a change of graph for him from time to time. India Forums got in touch with him and here's a quick chat that we had.

Published: Saturday,Sep 04, 2021 06:54 AM GMT-06:00
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Aashish Mehrotra

Anupamaa on Star Plus has been in the news for its constant twists and turns, among other things. While the show has managed to win hearts and the TRPs are proof of the same, the cast has also put in a lot of visible efforts and they continue to work on it. Aashish Mehrotra aka Paritosh has also been a pivotal part of the show, with quite a change of graph for him from time to time.

India Forums got in touch with him and here's a quick chat that we had.

What kind of prep would you say continues to go into the show and your character?

That is the preparation that has to be on your tips of learning because you can't be doing that every single time as there is not enough time, especially on a TV set. I have always told my creatives that whenever big scenes are about to come, please let me know ahead so that I am thorough with my lines and when I know that and I know where the character has to go in the end, or where does he have to start, my journey becomes clear. However, if I don't know it and I know it on set, and it is not a conversation but a monologue, then it becomes a problem. In the former, you get a cue from a co-star, but in the latter, you might get stuck up. This prep I think I have done enough that I understand emotions and our directors are also top-notch, so they help me out as well.

How do you deal with something that you don't agree to, or just can't come to terms with it?

I am very vocal with my thoughts in terms of if I am playing a character, and there is a certain shift in the character, and I am not verbalized or made to understand the same by the creatives or the directors, I will not be able to do it. If I am not convinced, I will not be able to convince. On the contrary, even if I am not convinced, I have to convince. So what I do is I put out whatever is there in my head, and then directors explain things to me, and then I empty my system, my problems are gone, and what the director has asked me to think in a certain way so that I can perform, that helps me. Then, I don't question, because it is a process that comes to me after multiple minds have worked on it, and then it is my duty to deliver it a certain way. Having said that, mistakes happen, and when they feel something can be changed, they do change whatever may be needed.

As a show that is a TRP topper, what is the pressure that you would say you deal with?

The first thing I believe is, I count myself as a blessed child to be able to be a part of this show. The second thing is, whatever is happening with the show and what the audience is giving to the show, it is give and take, all and all, and if it gets shut from any one side, there will be a drop. What I ask for here, is not an easy life, what I ask for is to have the strength and the honesty to face the struggle and give people what we have come here to do. Ultimately, we are in Mumbai, left our houses to perform, and God has given us this opportunity. There are going to be different things every single day, but the larger picture here is the show and that has to be the first priority for everyone I believe, which is what is the case, so I think that's it, do well, and take one day at a time.

What is something that you are really looking forward to doing?

To be very honest, the first thing on my bucket list is to buy a house for my mom, so I think everything aside, that is what I want.

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