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Aanchal Khurana, Naresh Karkera and Priyanka Soni roped in for Emotional Atyachaar!

Emotional Atyachaar will showcase how truth comes to surface, with the help of friends.

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The upcoming episode of Emotional Atyachar - 5 has roped in talented actors Aanchal Khurana, Naresh Karkera, Priya Shinde, Nitin Bhatiya and Priyanka Soni to portray a story on disloyalty in a relationship.

The upcoming episode will throw light on the repercussions that follow such misdeeds and how friends help in teaching a lesson to cheaters.

The story will revolve around a dynamic girl Krutika (Aanchal Khurana) who will have a healthy relationship with Manav (Naresh Karkera) but their relationship will take a drastic turn when Krutika will learn that Manav is cheating on her and is dating Shubhi (Priyanka Soni).

It is then when Krutika will plot a plan to expose Manav along with her friends Shivangi (Priya Shinde) and Moet (Nitin Bhatia). On the false pretext of Shubhi's death, the gang will try to frame Manav and fortunately he falls prey to the trap.

Will Krutika be able to teach Manav a lesson? Or will the plan fail?

Our source informs us, "As per the format of the show, he will be taught a good lesson. But how they do it will be an interesting watch."

We tried contacting Aanchal Khurana but she remained unavailable for comment. 

Stay tuned to watch this episode unfold on June 5.

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sathishntfu 4 years ago That trailer was amazing. Seriously, it looks fantastic.
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neha8681 8 years ago Waiting for this movie. Really excited for Akshay movie
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amreen2000 8 years ago Watch out akki the khans are out to sabotage your career!!! How come they make flops with u and hits with srk? Be very shrewd dear akki.
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pjarpi 8 years ago looks pathetic...bigger disaster than tees maar khan...really amazed how can they waste so much money to make such crap...
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down
sinipillai 8 years ago After watching trailer it looks like another disaster like tees maar khan...
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down
stunninstar 8 years ago This will be a bigger diwali fire works gone in water! :D :P
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mehak_kapoor 8 years ago With her short dresses, like Katrina never looks different in any of her movies, similarly Sonakshi looks all same with saree n ghaghra in all her three movies.
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TinaEskay 8 years ago this director needs to seriously quit..i mean aliens that resemble vegetables..really??!
Reply thumbs-up 6 thumbs-down
DamRyeong 8 years ago all d best akki...
promo was as it's a farah khan donno what's gonna happen.. :\
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Mohabbateinn 8 years ago Okaay wth is this. I thought Joker was some action-packed flick..but this is some JOKE . NOT EVEN JOKERS WILL WATCH THIS FILM !
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