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Aamir Khan's REACTION after watching Barun Sobti's Film

This is what Aamir Khan said after watching Barun Sobti's Film "Tu Hai Mera Sunday"...


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Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has extended support to "Tu Hai Mera Sunday", praising it as a "sweet" film with a "great" cast.

"Hey guys, watched this really sweet film. Great casting, great performances. Check out the trailer," Aamir posted on social media on Sunday.

"Tu Hai Mera Sunday" is a story about five boys who seek to find a place in Mumbai to play football as a way to find escape from their daily lives and problems.

Directed by Milind Dhaimade, the movie features Barun Sobti, Shahana Goswani, Rasika Dugal, Avinash Tiwary, Vishal Malhotra, Nakul Bhalla and Jay Upadhyay.

Excited about Aamir's support, Shahana tweeted to him: "Thaaank you! So happy you liked the film! Hug!"

Rasika was also happy about Aamir vouching for the movie. "And when the master himself says," she wrote on Facebook.

Even Vishal thanked the actor-producer for support.

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SEPIDEHh 2 years ago It's really great that Aamir recommended THMS. I am sure it will bring proud and fame for all the cast and crew of the movie. Hope it will work commercially too.
barunthebestBS 2 years ago BARUN SOBTI
Thank you Sir...I am very happy about good news Wish you best luck for movie THMS LOVE YOU SO MUCH
jasminbarun 2 years ago BARUN SOBTI,, Love you and proud of you always baby you are best actor at all WISH YOU ALL SUCCESS IN YOUR MOVIE,,
sallybarun 2 years ago BARUN SOBTI
Good luck baby wish you all success with your movie THMS LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY
MyheartbeaASR 2 years ago It's a. Great start for the movie. He deserves it. Wish him all the luck. Barun sobti rocks
Tejaqueen 2 years ago BARUN SOBTI
Wooow so happy Aamir Kahn support you my love Barun God bless you always baby wish you all success with your movie THMS
archu1234 2 years ago Awww...thats so sweet of Amir Khan...Indeed a great thing for the movie and its cast...Love you Barun...counting days till we can watch your movie
tomba22 2 years ago Barun Sobti,,I am so happy for you Barun...Sir Aamir Kahn support YOU BEST LUCK FOR MOVIE THMS LOVE YOU SO MUCH,,
nocry 2 years ago I am so happy for you Barun Sobti! Yes its a biggest recognition from the great Amir. All the best Barun. Love you for whatever you are!
ruchikacdc 2 years ago Thats a great piece of News. Mr. Amir Khan liking the film. Hope will receives good response.
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