A Mysterious Phenomena Monkey Man in Maano Ya Na Maano!!

Terror struck Ghaziabad when people experienced attacks of Monkey Man, a combination of a man and an animal... Mano Ya Na Mano brings to you a story on the same phenomenon of the Monkey Man...

Four years ago, the people of Ghaziabad were terrorized as they faced attacks of Monkey Man, who was believed to be a combination of a man and an animal. All had different theories and views regarding these attacker. One certain analysis had proved that this was a Robot or an Alien who had sharp protruding nails and his eyes used to emit light rays. … This is all shocking, but to this day, the fact is that this incident remains a Mystery to the Police, Media and the Government…

The Mano Ya Na Mano story this week is based on the same phenomenon of the Monkey Man. The backdrop of the story is that the people of Ghaziabad are leading a terror-struck life because of the attacks on common man by an unknown identity called Monkeyman.

The story in Mano Ya Na Mano centres around a family consisting of a brother Ajit, played by Joy Sengupta and his sister Madhu played by Jyoti Makkar. All is fine in this house, it is time for celebration as Ajit has finalized the marriage of his sister. Hell breaks loose when Ajit finds out that Madhu loves someone else. Things get worse when Madhu is attacked by the Monkeyman on her engagement day, which ends up in the marriage getting cancelled. Ajit later gets to know that his sister’s fiancé Neeraj is the real culprit and gets him behind bars. But all is not well as the Monkeyman makes his appearance again and targets another person.

Now, What is the mystery behind this Monkeyman? Does it mean that Neeraj was falsely implicatedin the crime he never commited?

Find out more on this story of Monkeyman only on Star One on Friday June 15th, 2007 at 11pm.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Author: PM Sree

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Comments (9)

2,3 Good songs in Bheema, i like it..

16 years ago

i remember being scared of d monkeyman wen dese things happened in delhi.. anyway, thnx for d article

16 years ago

seems rilli scary.........but damn interesting ....i'll hav t watch dis epi......

16 years ago

hey i'll surely watch this coz i live in noida which is near ghaziabad n v all were scared coz of this monkey man incident!!!!!

16 years ago

omg! thank you! i love this show but sometimes its veryyyy creepy

16 years ago

thanx for the indo ,will watch on fri!!!

16 years ago

I don't really watch mana ya naa mano..but once i did & i couldnt sleep all night!..im hoping that never happens again

16 years ago

Wow! Scary, but yet very interesting! i have to see this!!

Thx for the info!!

16 years ago

weird. I cant believe this actually happened


16 years ago

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