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A Musical Treat for the Press: Star Voice of India. Exclusive Pictures

A Unique Experience as the Channel hosts a Musical Set Visit for the Media, while the real Judges and Host take a Back Seat. and Enjoy!!! Catch all the Fun on the Musical Shoot of Star Voice of India, and check the list of top 33 contestants.

Published: Monday,Jun 18, 2007 10:47 AM GMT-06:00
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Tellybuzz Reporter at Star Voice of India sets

A fabulous set, live audience, orchestra to liven up the performances, the stage was beautifully set for a Musical Visit on the sets of Star Voice of India, for the Press and the Media giants. The critics were to be given a taste of the hot seat as the evening unfurled. 3 contestants of the 33 were picked to entertain the media barons that evening, but that was not all. 5 members of the media were invited to sit in the hot seat and judge the performances, while the Judges – Alka Yagnik, Adesh Srivastav and Abhijeet took a breather from the hot seat.Well, well, one wonders - was this a planned ploy by the channel to give the media a first hand experience of sitting in judgement, of having to decide who is good and who is not, of being criticized for their judgement, a taste of their own medicine! But the media magnets took up the challenge, they seemed to enjoy being on hot seat and had a fabulous time judging the performance.

Now let’s take a sneak peek at the 3 performances:

Irfan, from Hyderabad, came in first. Does the name sound familiar? Yes, he is! Irfan was last seen in Ek Main Aur Ek Tu, the popular Zee Show, Saregampa. Unfazed by the questions raised on his participation in this show, Irfan confidently answered - “I never give up”. He sang ‘In Dino’ from Metro and was cheered by the audience and the newly appointed judges. Perseverance will surely show one the path of Success, we wish Irfan all the best for the contest.

A visibly nervous Abhilasha followed Irfan on stage. She entered the stage, only to exit nervously as her shoe laces came undone and nerveless fingers did not help her tie them back again. She finally came back on stage to sing ‘Tu Chanda, Main Chandni’. But the show stealer of the day was Abbas who sang the title track of Omkara.

More surprises were in store for the audience as the host, Shaan, announced that the media were given a chance to choose one contestant from the 33 present, to perform live on stage. The chosen one that evening, was Ishmit as he went on to sing ‘Tune Muje Pehchana Nahi’. Was it a poor selection of song from Ishmit, singing a Shaan song, as he was criticized for mimicking Shaan’s voice. Despite the harsh reviews from Judges, he was well appreciated by all.
A Musical Treat for the Press: Star Voice of India. Exclusive Pictures

But the spotlight did not move away from the original judges of VOI- Abhijeet, Alka Yagnik and Adesh Srivastav, as our reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt managed to get a one-to-one with the judges.
When Alka Yagnik was asked whether she feels awkward being the only female judge on the panel, spontaneaous came the answer from Alka that “Well, I am enough for all these men. [Main in sab pe bhari padungee]. Continuing their repartee off screen, Abhijeet commented, “Then please lose some weight” [Thoda weight loose karlo]

Abhijeet spoke about the format of the show - “ VOI was intended to be a genuine show where emphasis was given to audience voting. We only focus on music and don’t really look for the X-factor in the contestants. It’s the music and the voice that we are mainly concerned about”.
To a common questions to all Judges - “Why do your comments and liking differ from the audience”? Alka instantly retorted back , “We have more knowledge of music than a common man, so we want to guide the audience”.

But the evening was not complete without a small tete a tete with the man behind the show - the director Gajendra Singh. Foremost on all minds is the big question - “Why do the judges always fight?” In a defensive tone, Gaj ji retorted “They don’t fight, they just have difference of opinion.” He also announced that a new format in the voting will be introduced where “Decision will now be made from 50% of votes coming from viewers thro SMS and the other 50% from judges’ points. Points will be allotted by the judges as soon as the performance is over. Only after the points are written and sealed, will the judges discuss among themselves.”

On the quality of singers who came for auditions, the judges unanimously agreed that Delhi, Jaipur and Indore auditions were the best. The city of music lovers which has given singers like Shreya Goshal, Sanchita and others earlier, had disappointed the judges this time.

A Musical Treat for the Press: Star Voice of India. Exclusive Pictures
But the icing on the cake was the comments from the adorable Host, Shaan. On being asked if he felt stuck between the Judges and contestants, Shaan was quick to reply, “I am just a Narrator and not a Part of the Story”.It essays the true spirit of the host, doesn’t it?
All in all it was a beautiful day, fabulous Live Performances, media people getting into the shoes of Judges and the ever-bubbly Live Audience were the highlights of this Musical Set Visit which was organized for the Press. In return, can we just say, Three Cheers to the Channel for giving the Media a Day to Remember and a Day to Smile About!!

Top 33 contestants from all over India
A Musical Treat for the Press: Star Voice of India. Exclusive Pictures
Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Author: PM Sree

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