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7 Gem Indian TV Shows That Never Got The Deserved Appreciation

Some are underrated but some are not rated at all and are a missed opportunity.


No! This is not just another article about Indian TV shows that were underrated. Because with time passing by and numerous articles about those shows have led that bunch to certainly garner a good amount of awareness too.

But there are some shows which were genuinely too good but remain unnoticed for some reason and went off-air before even they had some buzz. So, here are some gem Indian TV shows that did not get the deserved appreciation and were pulled off-air way sooner than anticipated.

Family No. 1

It may not entirely qualify as a gem that went under-appreciated as there certainly is a chunk of people out there who has seen this comedy show back in the penultimate years of the 19th century. But it still remains as one of those shows that should have lasted longer than it did. A situational comedy about two single parents with three kids each sharing a house and the several adventures that follow wasn't just mature with its concept but was absolutely hilarious.

Where can you watch it now? All the episodes are available on the Sony Liv application.


As the name suggested, the show was based on a bunch of young lads in a college and how the institute was dictated by politicians who would take advantage of the youth for their own opportunist ideologies. Even though it did enjoy a decent fan following having aired on Zee TV and Doordarshan but went off-air really quickly. Having a stalwart star cast, the show should have lasted longer and it probably would have received better.

Where can you watch it now? Unfortunately, not all but a few episodes are available on Youtube.

Family Business

Do you like actor Sachin Tyagi, who currently is an important part of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai? Well, if you like him now I can only imagine how you would absolutely love him back then for his role in the mob drama, Family Business on Star One. Looking absolutely suave, macho and sporting a ponytail (when it wasn't a trend), Sachin nailed the character of a gangster with a heart in a show that was also well received. However, it did not last long and in spite of being a great show and never caught the eye of many.

Where can you watch it now? None of the full episodes are available on any platform but you can still find some clips on Youtube.

Ek Packet Umeed

Yet another show that never took off in spite of having a winner storyline and star cast, Ek Packet Umeed seemingly had the perfect formula for being a successful show. A women-centric show showcasing several issues related to the gender without being overly preachy or misandry, Ek Packet Umeed was undoubtedly a gem that should have been appreciated more.

Where to watch it now? None of the episodes are available on many platforms but there a few minor clips are there on Youtube.

Dil Kya Chahta Hai

When was the last time you had a fun yet relatable all-male show on Indian TV that was truly good? Most certainly not after Dil Kya Chahta Hai on Star One. Starring four male friends with different personalities and different problems, the show was indeed fantastic to watch. Probably ahead of its time, the show ended sooner than expected and this testosterone-filled show remains the last good presentation of similar nature till today.

Where to watch it now? Not available on any platforms.

Bh Se Bhade

It is almost a guaranteed treat to have Deven Bhojani come and act in a TV show whenever he signs a show. Be it from the old days to recent times, the actor is a class act who does complete justice to anything he does. Similar was the case when Deven starred in the titular character in Bh Se Bhade on Zee TV. The show, like any Hats Off Productions presentation, had a quirky concept and some hysterical situations too. However, the show never garnered any ratings and did not fare well thus going off-air.

Where to watch it now? All the episodes are available to watch on Zee5 application.

A Mouthful Of Sky

Talk about being ahead of time and A Mouthful Of Sky probably ranks amongst the top picks. The show became the first one to be telecast with English as the prime language instead of Hindi, and in spite of several apprehensions, the show was an absolute gem. A thriller show inspired heavily from an Agatha Christie novel, the Doordarshan series continues to stay as a masterpiece that remains under-appreciated.

Where to watch it? Many episodes are available on Youtube.

Do you agree with my picks? Willing to add any? Leave in your comments below...

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SunshineGirl6 2019-06-09T10:44:28Z Family no 1 was my favoriteeeee...dont know about other shows !
RapChick101 2019-06-09T06:17:45Z Family No 1 was a show that was truly class apart! Excellent acting performances. Also, among others “Dil Kya Chahta hai” was brilliant <3
Octothorpe 2019-06-09T04:55:34Z Have watched Family No. 1 and Ek Packet Umeed and what gem of a show they were. Just their mention makes me so nostalgic about my childhood and things. Thank you for this wonderful article. ❤️
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