7 Forgotten Gem TV Shows That You Can Now Watch on Netflix

They may be gone long but you can see them on Netflix now...

Here's the thing about television shows - unless you haven't made a substantial impact it is easy to be forgotten and given the fact how GEC (General Entertainment Channels) operate, you may never get to see a possibly good show ever again.

But the above-mentioned statement was only true till a few years ago unless the digital revolution kicked in and boy has it gotten everybody happy (well, almost!)

Nevertheless, this piece is dedicated to some of the most acclaimed shows that either did not manage to attain the deserved viewership back in their time or it has been rather too long owing to them being forgotten. However, what can't be denied is that these shows were nothing less than gems that were worthy of more eyeballs.

And the good news? Well, they are available for viewing on Netflix now. Yes! Thanks to the digital revolution, these forgotten gems are available on Netflix for the ones who either did not watch it back then or has bee willing to watch it but didn't know where to.


Original Runtime - 24th September 2011 to 3rd March 2012

Before the heartthrob Fawad Khan broke into immense acclaim and popularity on the film scene, it was his stint on TV shows that already made him a household name. One of the shows that were responsible for the same has been the Pakistani drama Series, Humsafar. The story revolved around Khirad (Mahira Khan) and Ashar (Fawad Khan), who are pressurized into marriage due to the untimely death of Khirad's mother. However, Sara (Naveen Waqar), Ashar's best friend, is heartbroken because she is in love with him. On paper, it seems like a rather cliched story but it was the beauty of the execution of the plot and the complexities that made Humsafar a worthy watch.


The House That Made Me

Original Runtime - 2013 to 2015

One of the seriously underrated and forgotten shows in modern times has been the reality talk show, That House That Made Me. The show, hosted by Vinay Pathak involved showing the stories of individuals who have inspired and served as idols for generations to come. The series, comprising three seasons, takes celebrities back to their childhood homes to unravel some of their most cherished memories, make them reconnect with the past and bring to the forefront some never-heard-before stories that have formed the lives of these celebrated personalities. In case, you have missed it at all, it certainly deserves a watch.


That 70s Show

Original Runtime - 23rd August 1998 to 8th May 2006

There are many out there who constantly feel how That 70s show draws resemblance to arguably the most iconic show ever, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Of course, it is not the direct comparison but the otherwise idea of a group of friends struggling to make their lives better was a tad similar. Especially after they turn into adults. Nevertheless, the tale of Eric, a high school kid with a group of teen friends and the various misadventures accounts for a fun ride that should be embarked upon.


Bh Se Bhade

Original Runtime - 26th October 2013 to 2014

We recently included Bh Se Bhade in our list of shows that were actually gems but never got the appreciation and viewership it deserved.

Following up on just the same thought, just in case, you have missed this show during its telecast, you can now catch it on Netflix.


Full House

Original Runtime - 22nd September 1987 to 23rd May 1995

Not that this show needs any introduction or special mention anyway but this is only for the millennials out there who may have missed out on watching this absolutely adorable and hilarious show from the 90s. Full House with its ensemble cast and sweet little Michelle continues to be an iconic show even today, where its rebooted version, Fuller House is also available on Netflix. In case you didn't know, the story revolves around Danny, a widower who is raising his three little girls after the death of his wife. But he has help from his musician brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, and his best friend, comedian Joey Gladstone.



Original Runtime - 3rd January 2010 to 24th June 2010

There is a slender chance that you may already be aware of how this series is available on Netflix for viewing. In case, you aren't aware of it already, here's a reminder. This absolutely fantastic crime drama initially aired on Sony TV and unfortunately, it didn't rake in the desired viewership ever. However, in times where the general entertainment scene on Indian TV continues to be as regressive as ever shows like Powder remind us how, we are capable of presenting fine content. Need another reason to watch? The impeccable Pankaj Tripathi plays a drug kingpin and fine actor, Manish Choudhary plays the Superintendent of the Narcotics Control Bureau.


Khottey Sikkey

Original Runtime - 28th January 2011 to 23rd April 2011

Just like its Y-Films counterpart (Powder), Khottey Sikkey was yet another crime drama that had one inspector and 5 outcast teenagers in the mix of heinous crimes, where the former lot tried to solve them. Not many would have anticipated the show to be as good as it actually was. With some great writing, terrific casting and superlative performances, Khottey Sikkey remains a gem that should have got back with its initially rumored second season.


Which show is your favorite? Leave in your comments below...

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I remember watching The House That Made Me. It's a beautiful show. Also, Bh se Bhade is hilarious a show. They are truly underrated.

4 years ago

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