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6 Most Underrated Performances in 2019

In between this flock, there are always some characters who not only manage to leave a huge mark but also give the actor a lot of scope to work with when it comes to layering. Alas, such performances are either not appreciated well or just go unnoticed altogether.


Fortunately and unfortunately, Hindi TV ends up becoming one-note several times especially when it comes to the treatment of the characters. From the times of saas-bahu sagas to now the supernatural trend - the single-layered characters on TV become exhausting after a point of time. However, in between this flock, there are always some characters who not only manage to leave a huge mark but also give the actor a lot of scope to work with when it comes to layering. Alas, such performances are either not appreciated well or just go unnoticed altogether.

Here are six underrated performances on Hindi TV this year according to me-

Mudit Nayar in Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein as Yogi

Seldom do actors get a chance to play a challenging character like Yogi and that too in the lead. Nayyar as Yogi, who is hearing and speech impaired delivers a fabulous performance and often when few actors can go overboard with such roles - Nayyar underplays it when most needed.

Upendra Limaye in Tara From Satara as Sachin Mane

Limaye is a legend. The ones who have seen Marathi films and theatre know how Limaye is one of the finest we have. So, his acting prowess doesn't deteriorate at all playing Sachin Mane in Tara from Satara - where he overplays the emotional scenes just as much as it is required for the target audience to relate.

Sonali Naik in Gattbandhan as Savitri Jadhav

Playing a matriarch in a quintessential Hindi TV show who is above the law - a character actors would die to play irrespective of the medium. Naik, who gets a chance to play the same as Savitri Jadhav does a stellar job and at times, she is indeed cunning for the viewers to almost hate her.

Deven Bhojani in Bhakarwadi as Annasaheb Gokhale

What is the true test of a fine actor? One of the answers to that would be an actor being able to excel with the nuances of a language that is not his own. That is what Bhojani does in Bhakarwadi as being a true-blue Gujarati in real life, Bhojani becomes a Marathi man, Anna Gokhale with such ease - it becomes impossible to believe that he is actually a Gujarati. His comic talent otherwise is already legendary.

Shrenu Parikh in Ek Brahm... Sarvagunna Sampann

Probably the rarest of opportunities a Hindi TV leading lady can get. Parikh, who has played her share of quintessential bahu in the past got a chance to explore a broken and grey character like that of Jahnvi. When you are the face of a Hindi TV show and playing a bahu - the one note is usually obvious. However, Parikh did a fine job playing grey shades to Jahnvi in Ek Bhram.

Debina Bonnerjee Choudhary in Vish

Last but not least, even though Vish was a supernatural thriler, Bonnerjee Choudhary got a chance to play a character like never before. Of course, we have seen vishkanyas in the past on TV but Bonnerjee Choudhary's Sabrina was sexy, sensuous and as desirable as one can get. Having the chance to show her sensuous side for the celluloid and at the same time doing it aesthetically, she excelled at the role.

Do you agree with the list? Leave in your comments below.


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SamW92 7 months ago Shrenu Parikh was awesome as Jhanvi. Mudit has been extraordinary as Yogi. Special mention to Debattama Saha as Pari in Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein. It's a pity that the show separated Yogi-Pari, insulted love with some horrible writing. The show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein needs to go off air as it is sending wrong message after separating Yogi-Pari. Yogi-Pari will always be the best. Another mention to Urvashi Pardeshi as Radhika in Tara from Satara. Brilliant actress & dancer she is ! She is in the calibre of female lead. The show should focus more on her.
Neonholic 7 months ago Shrenu as Jhanvi Mittal !!! If EBSS had a better storyline this name would have trended daily !! Missing Shre 💕
A HUGE FAN 7 months ago Mudit Nayar is doing a great job on IMI.
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