5 Takeaways From The Premiere Episode of 'Rising Star 2'

Old wine in a new bottle perhaps?

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Colors launched the second season of Rising Star and the expectations were sky high as the show premiered yesterday.

Here, I analyse the 5 takeaways from episode and how the show will fare overall.

Ravi Dubey's hosting skills are spot-on

While, last season saw Meiyang Chang and Raghav Juyal as the hosts, this time it's a one man job with Ravi Dubey taking over. There isn't a single dull moment in the show due to Ravi and with him doing the hosting alone, Ravi aces it with perfect conviction.

The Talented Contestants

Once again, it is the true talent of the show that makes it authentic. The contestants of all ages and their singing abilities continue to sparkle and make the singing experience a truly amazing one.

The Bizzare Flirting

Ok, the maximum I was able to digest was the adult hosts flirting with the female judge of the panel in several reality shows that are on display. However, getting a little kid to come on stage and flirt with the female judge is as pathetic as it sounds. Innocent flirting is one thing and making the kid do the stupid antics of literally hitting on Monali Thakur is preposterous.

The Live Concept

Many have continued to wonder about how the show going live, considering many know how reality shows are presented after many retakes. But, the same was perfectly proven on this premiere episode, where one of the contestant's family was connected through a video call and there was a bizzare network issue that disrupted the conversation. Had it been a normal reality show, there would have been many retakes and repeated calls made to get the right frame and clear voice.

The Judges Panel

Once again, Shankar Mahadevan, Monali Thakur and Diljit Dosanjh are the perfect choices to judge the show as they bring in an amazing blend together. Shankar's expertise, Monali's playfulness and Diljit's honesty makes the show's segment of judges' comments infact a to-be-looked-forward-to segment.

With these 5 takeaways, Rising Star 2 is pretty much an old wine served in a new bottle, but also has its moments which will continue to appeal to the loyal audience of the show.

What do you have to say about the same? Leave in your comments below..

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Comments (2)

Shows only just started...give it a chance before you get all negative about it!

6 years ago

Agreed. Overall the show was boring, only loyal fans of past season may watch it. The good thing is it really does give some social messages but how much the show will be successful given 'old wine in new bottle' have to be seen. Reason for last year success was it's novelty, it's not there this time.

6 years ago

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