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5 shows we're watching on TV right now!

Here's your summer viewing list.

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Summer has us looking for something new and fascinating to add to our routine. But, mostly we're looking forward to leisure time, enough to turn into couch potatoes. If you're on the same page with us, we've got just the thing for you. We at India Forums have our very own list of new shows to watch during the long break. We're letting you in and you'll find yourself spoilt for choice. There are some shows that caught our fancy and we think they might just make it to your watch list as well!

Scroll through to find out what we're watching this summer- 


This Colors show is definitely a must-watch as it marks Harshad Chopda's return to TV. The fascinating trailer mixed with a fantastic star cast (Jennifer Winget is the female lead) makes this a good place to start with. Bepannaah has an intriguing air around it. It is a romantic thriller which tells the story of two individuals and what they deal with after their spouses die in a car accident (by each others' sides...scandalous!). With mysteries to unravel and building tension, this one is sure to be worth your time. 

Watch for: Finding out how much more Jennifer Winget has to offer after Beyhadh!

Prithvi Vallabh

Prithvi Vallabh was a show that met with a lot of anticipation as audiences waited for the Sonarika Bhadoria and Ashish Sharma to go on floors. The makers promised a grand scale of production and they managed to satisfy the audiences' expectations. TV has definitely seen its share of epics and historical shows but none that retains quality and production value in the long run. This one did not fizzle out after a few episodes which works if you're planning to watch a bunch of episodes at a stretch. You will catch noteworthy moments of good performance too. 

Watch for: The continual grandeur and Ashish Sharma. 

Har Shaakh Par Ullu Baitha Hai

This Star Plus show is probably going to remain under the radar till you find it and begin to slowly appreciate its many funny moments. Har Shaakh Par Ullu Baitha Hai is a political satire and how many times does one come across a comedy of this sort on TV? If you're a comedy lover who has moved past Taarak Mehta and Kapil Sharma, check this one out! It showcases a bunch of relatable issues and the servings are to be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Watch For: A healthy dose of cynical laughter. 

Ishq Subhan Allah

Ishq Subhan Allah brings a fresh viewing piece since it's unlike any thing we have on TV currently. The show has more of an inclusive cultural representation although it did get bashed for misrepresentation as well but that aside, we have Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan as major reasons to watch the show. Eisha Singh's character is well-written and one can look forward to some progressive elements on the show as she is educated and opinionated. Adding to that, we have the lead pair's chemistry to watch out for. 

Watch For: A rational approach to a culture and treatment of women on-screen 

Aapke Aa Jaane Se

Zee TV's Aapke Aa Jaane Se has a spoilt brat and his love for a much older woman than him. With an age gap of 24-42 (very poetic) the two will have a tonne of societal pressure to deal with. Karan Jotwani of Suhani Si Ek Ladki fame plays the lead with Suhasi Dhami and it's charming to watch the two on-screen. Tales of such pairings crumbling under the regressive public eye are scarcely ever told (think Kunal Karan Kapoor starer Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha) and we jumped at the chance to check it out. 

Watch For: An uncanny pairing and how they navigate through a demanding society.

Are any of these shows already on your list? Which shows are you planning to watch this summer? Let us know in the comments below...

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Maryam2 2 years ago Bepannaah
Love you Harshad Chopda
U r the best Harshad Chopdq
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kunalkiAC143 2 years ago Welcome back Kunal Karan kapoor. Watching your amazing acting skills as Krishna.
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be_honest 3 years ago Bepannah , must watch !
Being a busy mom, Iss pyar ko kiya naam doon was the only show i had ever watched on television. After its sudden demise, i left tv for good however when my long time ipk friend pushed me to watch Bepannah, i m just completely glued & addicted to Bepannah. Loving Harshad Chopra & Jennifer winget as adi n zoya. Storyline is gripping & indeed looks like an impossible love story.
it will be interesting to see how arjun the trusted meek family man will turn out to be twisted evil just like shym in ipk!
hope this show becomes a tv block bluster just like our beloved iss pyar ko kiya naam doon & Harshad Chopra becomes a tv icon same as Barun Sobti.2018-04-13 06:04:04
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shwetadesh 3 years ago Kunal Karan kapoor's Na bole tum na Maine kuch kaha is an iconic saga bound to remain fresh until the end of time. This show gave birth to an evergreen legend.
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Sonarikan_FC 3 years ago Prithvi Vallabh is the best show currently! Both the lead actors Sonarika and Ashish are giving their best performances!
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Mangales 3 years ago Kunal Karan Kapoor was superb as Mohan Bhatnagar. Besides, Megha was not that old...
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Aalisha2061 3 years ago CongratulationsHeart Ashish Sharma all the best Heart
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LikeHisTalent 3 years ago My heart bleeds when I read about any new show launched. Where is Kunal Karan Kapoor? Why he is not getting any show? I
wonder now, IS SOMEONE PLAYING DIRTY WITH THIS EXCELLENT, TALENTED ACTOR's CAREER? I seriously doubt it now. I know media won't reveal the truth even if they come to know. Biased and perhaps frightened of power? Bent their knees to someone? God, if there is justice in this world then please undo this injustice to this innocent actor.2018-04-04 10:16:48
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Tishu09 3 years ago Ashish Sharma fab jab as Prithvi Vallabh..keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!
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LikeHisTalent 3 years ago I'm hardly watching any other show. Without Kunal Karan Kapoor on my TV, and mostly crappy shows running for years, I lost interest in TV watching. Nothing holds my interest. Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha was such a classic show. Missing Kunal so much.
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