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5 shockingly bizarre love triangles of Television!

If there's one thing we love more than a juicy onscreen love triangle, it is an off-screen one!

Published: Monday,May 23, 2016 22:15 PM GMT-06:00
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If there's one thing we love more than a juicy onscreen love triangle, it is an off-screen one! 

Television has always been in the limelight for its rags-to-riches stories, fairytale weddings, frivolous gossips and malicious scandals. But the one thing that has always kept audiences news hungry is the love affairs of their favourite celebs. 

While some stars are able to find their happy endings in love, there are a few actors whose relationships end on bitter notes. 

Let us talk about a few real life love triangles of our TV stars.

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Adaa and Ankit were head over heels in love with each other and Adaa was even planning to marry the love of her life. But sadly, this 'made for each other' couple broke up after Adaa apparently found out that Ankit had multiple affairs at the same time. 

One of them included Ankit's co-star Roopal Tyagi. After an outburst of emotions by the two actresses, Ankit tragically ended up with no one and is seemingly enjoying his singlehood currently. 

The news of Karan Patel's marriage was the hottest topic last year where the media revealed about him marrying Ankita Bhargava, soon after his alleged break-up with actress Kamya Punjabi. Many thought that it would be some sort of rumour. But later, after Karan confirmed the news on a social networking site, Karan and Kamya's fans were infuriated to the extent that they started calling Ankita, the other woman and the reason of the split up. 

Of late, rumours about Karan and Ankita's married life going through troubled waters has caught everyone's attention, especially after Kamya raised quite a few eyebrows at the Box Cricket League 2 (BCL 2) when she openly expressed her love for Karan.

Not many people digested Rahul's philandering antics on Bigg Boss, where he boyishly flirted with Monica Bedi. But soon after her exit, he abruptly shifted his focus and started wooing the sensual Payal Rohatgi. The makers thought of encashing on this controversy and sent Monica back in the house. And no prize for guessing, Rahul quickly shifted his loyalties back to Monica! Quite a ladies man, eh?

Prince Narula, winner of the ninth edition of celebrity reality show Bigg Boss was accused of faking his feelings for Yuvika Chaudhary and Nora Fatehi to move ahead in the game. When Yuvika got eliminated, the actress confirmed of how Prince convinced her that he would like to take the relationship to the next level but the man conveniently shifted his loyalties once Nora entered. 

Nicole Alvares - Karan Singh Grover - Jennifer Winget
Jennifer Winget - Karan Singh Grover - Bipasha Basu


Karan Singh Grover's casanova image is known to everyone. The macho man was first married to Shraddha Nigam and the news of Karan having an extramarital affair with his Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 3 choreographer Nicole Alvares ended his marriage to Shraddha. 

As per media reports, Shraddha called off their marriage when she caught Karan red-handed with Nicole.

The buzz of his extramarital affair was brought to an end when the hottie tied the knot with his Dill Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget. It was evident that Karan had finally found his soulmate as the lovey-dovey couple found it difficult to keep their hands off each other whenever they made any public appearances post marriage but soon their separation news surfaced and the actor is now married to the 70mm screen Bong beauty, Bipasha Basu.

Which love triangle shocked you the most? Drop in your views in the comment section below!

Shachi Tapiawala Rathod

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rim683 5 years ago This content is hidden.
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MOnkEy_rAngEr 5 years ago #tbh this article is freaking useless ...y can't these people post articles which won't create stupid nuisical fight ...
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Sweet_wish 5 years ago Karan did a big mistake by leaving Shraddha and married to homebreaker Jennifer (yes dear India forums, not only Nicole but Jennifer also linked up with married man) and EX KaJen fans used to support them so blindly, who are now Jennifer fans and bashing him like they are fan of some great person LOL now I am Glad that Karma did justice with Shraddha and Karan Jennifer marriage deserved to get break.
I Am not feeling sorry for Jennifer. She got what she gave but sad to see that how she is trying to pretend herself as abla Nari.. I used to dislike both Karan Jennifer but On the other hand Karan Singh Grover is much better person now. I wish all the best to his marriage with Bipasha.<br/>
@ktiluvu you said "he loosed his bestfriend Jenny friendship" LOL seriously you are still trying to prove that your Jennifer was just friend with him to save her from homebreaker tag. by the way Karan Singh Grover never said that your Jennifer is his best friend LOL he just said that she is a friend and he is lucky to lose of fake friend like Jennifer Winget. who left his side when world started talk against him. it's Bipasha Basu who always stand by him like a rock. shame on such friend like Winget nobody deserve such a fake friend. Shraddha was innocent she was not home breaker like Jennifer but still she never made Tamasha of her divorce and never said anything bad and troubling about her ex husband. that's called true love and he was unlucky then but nw Karan is very lucky that he lost a fake person like Jennifer . Even I started liking him again since jennifer gone. both Bipasha & shraddha are nice2018-02-13 04:30:26
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-DarkSlayer- 6 years ago People's interest in someone else's (someone whom you've never met or know personally and probably never will) personal life never fails to boggle me.
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21July2014 6 years ago Ksg is the creepiest person I know. He has married bipasha n all the other women for his lust. Hell with him. Shameless guy.
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milla 6 years ago I don't care about what people do in their personal lives. I do miss Roopal Tyagi and Ankit Gera so much after sslk comeback soon u guys
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ktiluvu 6 years ago @Minoch ur comment showing how blindly ur supporting ur ksg infact if ur not ksg fan u will bash him but ur ksg fan so U will definatly try to support him but iam getting laugh on ur comment u said sharadha marriage with ksg is arrange marriage so in ur opinion their is no value for arrange marriage,and u said ksg divorced Jenny cuz he loosed his bestfriend Jenny friendship and u said ksg dated Nicola to forget sharadha and u said bipasa married ksg after knowing everything yes but Love is blind love can stoop a person too low but after we come out from love we will know our mistake so definatly bipasa will know her mistake ok
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slippedaffairs 6 years ago @KtIluvu I am not blaming anything but what you guys comment uss hisaab aise bhi ho sakta hai. Shradha and Karan was a mistake, they stayed for 2 months and the marriage was arrange. They separated coz they couldn't make it work. People date to move on, he dated Nicole. He married Jen because he thought he lived her, because she was with him everytime. They were bestfriends okay? Its not a joke to loose a best friend. He said that they werbest friends and then one day got married. He regreted marrying her because he lost his best friend. And bipasha is not a child okay? Kuch soch samjb aki shaadi kari hogi.
Arrey yaar jab wo log khush hai so why you guys can't be?
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ktiluvu 6 years ago @Minoch oh really so ur ksg is so innocent but all his ex r bad characters right???if u think their is no affair between ksg and Nicole in jdj days then why ksg dated with nicola and ur saying sharadha remarried early then ksg so she may be bad oh really and please watch all jenny and ksg videos omg that touching that words ur ksg said jenny is perfect wife and has all good qualities in her then what happened to ur ksg he given divorce to Jenny and using same words and love to bipasa and we all r bashing ksg cuz he deserves it ,you people supported ksg when he divorced sharadha and start dating with nicola,and u people supported ksg when he left nicola and married Jenny and again you people r supporting ksg for marrying bipasa may u people r blind but world is not blind we definatly point out his mistakes ksg deserves all bashings2016-05-25 12:30:30
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slippedaffairs 6 years ago @tehzeeb25 No motive to clarify K but I might clear your confusion. He openly cheated Shradha, as you say and many do. They showed him kissing Nicole before he was called to perform. Nothing happened at that time. All were laughing like maniacs. And then suddenly out of the blue as it finishes the news reveal. Dude divorce takes 6 to 8 months to proceed and there he was seen with nicole after JDJ finished. That clearly means it was way long before they applied for divorce. Second iss hisaab sai toh Shradha should've married later than Karan but she married just 8 Months after the divorce. So no one knows anything. There are endless possibilities.
He hadn't said a word to haters that doesn't mean you would bash him whenever you get. His prev. wives had said about them being happy for him. Bipasha is happy with him, when they don't have problem why you guys have??
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