5 Reasons Why Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is Still as Popular as It Was Before!

Revisiting a cult love story...

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon premiered on 6 June 2011 on Star Plus. After completing approximately 398 episodes, the show went off air on 30 November 2012 when Barun Sobti quite the daily soap. In an era where everyone was making saas bahu sagas and were obsessed with dramas, the makers presented a love story that soon became the talk of the town. It went on to become such a huge hit that Star Plus is not ready to miss out on its popularity and after 6 years they will re-air the show on the channel again from today (January 7), Mon-Fri at 4pm slot. While we are eagerly waiting to revisit those memory lanes, here are the 5 reasons that make the show a popular after so many years...
1. The chemistry of Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani :

Some love stories are eternal. Well, this is true when it comes to the sparkling chemistry of Barun and Sanaya. The couple, Arnav (Barun) and Khushi (Sanaya) gained cult fan following in India and other parts of the world. Their love and hate relationship oozed intense chemistry since the first episode and the fans eagerly waited to see them together. Their chemistry didn't fizzle out after their union in the show and it went to another level to keep the audience gasping for breath. The way they looked at each other to the small moments that the makers gave to the audience made their chemistry a treat to watch.

2. The concept of a star struck love story :

While college love stories and other love stories were very common, Gul Khan's concept of star struck lovers instantly struck the chord with the generation. While Arnav was a stubborn guy who hated the idea of love for his past life, Khushi was a girl who was completely opposite. While Arnav said less, Khushi never used to stop talking. The journey of the duo and their love made people eager to know what will happen next. Their entire journey of love-hate relationship to being the madly in love couple, Arnav and Khushi's unique yet simple love story inspired many other shows later on. 

3. The stellar cast and sub plots:

While the main story was the love between Arnav and Khushi, the show never failed to give sub plots. IPKKND had a stellar cast comprising of Abhaas Mehta, Dalljiet Kaur, Jayshree T., Deepali Pansare, Akshay Dogra, Utkarsha Naik, Rajesh Jais and others who not for once made us feel that their presence in the show was unnecessary. And with them, the makers gave some amazing sub plots that acted as a catalyst for the entire major plot. In whole, the show never seemed boring. Not only that, the emotional journey of characters was well established by the actors. While many shows take refuge to a huge cast, this show had basic casting that never made you feel bored. 

4. The song Rabba Ve :

 It went on to become youth anthem. Kudos to the makers for giving an amazing song that had many versions and depicted the situations of the characters exceptionally. From the romantic moments to the heartbreaking sequences, the song established their love story aptly.

5. The abrupt ending:

The show ended after running for two years. It was Barun who quit the show and the fans were left heartbroken. They decided to not watch it if Barun is not there and that's when the makers decided to pull it down. Though Arnav and Khushi came together and the show ended but it ended abruptly. While some feel that the show ended at the right time, it didn't have a proper ending. Thus the fans are still hung over the love story of Arnav and Khushi. And every time they see it, one can't stop admiring the show.

Well, it will be really interesting to see if the decision affects the ratings of the channel. It should be also interesting to see whether the current audience accepts the show like the earlier days. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below...

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Sanaya Irani "U all love me when I'm doing a show and U all love me when I'm not doing a show...just be patient, I will be back soon.." Sanaya Irani

5 years ago

Barun Sobti is the soul of any show and movie. I'm here only for him. I am proud of you always.. My Love and support is always with you

5 years ago

Sanaya Irani your fans are waiting for you in new projects with new actrors. We wish you wonderful interesting roles worthy of your amazing talent

5 years ago

This series gives so many positive emotions like no one more Just is the electric power station

5 years ago

Barun Sobti is unsurpassed actor. His acting skill is infinite. He can play any character. He's are the best!

5 years ago

Sanaya Irani conquer numerous peoples' hearts with her attractive beauty and talent in her homeland and out of it, in different countries !

5 years ago

Barun Sobti your fans are waiting for you in new projects with new actresses. We wish you wonderful interesting roles worthy of your amazing talent

5 years ago

One of the reasons is also perfect acting of Sanaya Irani !

5 years ago

Barun Sobti unrivaled talent, India's best actor. I eagerly waiting to the release of his new works

5 years ago

I love all the old projects Barun Sobti and always waiting for his new work

5 years ago

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