5 Reasons why 'Ghulam' should be on your MUST-WATCH list..!

With a lot of promises and anticipation, the show is all set to go on-air today..

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Today is D-Day for the much-awaited and eagerly anticipated 'Ghulam' going on-air. Over the period of time, several factors about the show have been creating a buzz and that comes to test, tonight.

With the character descriptions of the lead cast - Param Singh, Niti Taylor and Vikas Manaktala, now out in the open, we too, cannot wait for the show to enthrall us.

Here, we list down the 5 reasons why 'Ghulam' should be on your 'Must-Watch' list...

The Leads of the show like NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE

It is almost a given that when you have the blend of such characters together, that itself becomes a major factor for the viewers to look forward to the show. When was the last time you remember watching your favorite actors Param Singh, Niti Taylor and Vikas Manaktala in such avatars? Never. Param as the devoted, courteous, powerful and slient assassin, Rangeela; Niti, unlike her 'Nandini Murthy' image from Kaisi Ye Yaariaan' as the sweet, docile and skeptical Shivani and Vikas as the vicious, anarchical and strong Veer; all of it is an alluring treat in itself.

A fabulous supporting cast

While the leads of 'Ghulam' are a treat, the supporting cast of the show is an absolute icing on the cake. Leading the supporting cast is veteran actor, Bhagwan Tiwari, who as the king of anarchy and Veer's father may give you the chills, and other actors like Ridhi Tiwari, Sarika Dhillon, Zahida Parveen, Pradeep Duhan among others have some anomalistic character descriptions which is intriguing.

The backdrop

The name of the village itself, 'Behrampur' which literally translates to 'ruthless place' is self-explanatory. This fictional backdrop is absolutely fantastic when it comes to staying true to the crux of the show. From village shops to a giant Shiv Mandir where Rangeela is a hardcore Shiv devotee, the backdrop of the show is gritty, raw and brilliant.

The storyline

On television, there have been some recent concepts exploring women empowerment or women inequality etc. However, this is a different ball game we are talking about here. The atrocities on women showcased in this show are probably more chilling than the ones portrayed in a 'Crime Patrol' or 'Savdhaan India.' Insipired by true events, the show is not a true story. However, the raw treatment of the story makes it nothing less than being a 'true story.'

The 'Surprise' factor

As we are enlightened with the various shades of the characters of the whole cast, what is it that can 'surprise' us? When we know about a character, our mind develops a notion or an understanding towards it. However, 'Ghulam' will be breaking all those notions and will be presenting to you, something completely different. While, you know Rangeela's characteristics, one certainly did not expect him to be smoking 'chillam,' being a Shiv-devotee and getting zoned out while preaching Shiva. Hence, we have several surprises in store for ourselves and that is amazing.

These reasons and several other factors make 'Ghulam' a show to be looked forward to. Amidst several speculations and assumptions about how the show is actually gonna be, we can definitely vouch for one thing and that it is, you have never seen something like this on TV before.

What do you have to say about the same? Leave in your comments below.

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Comments (65)

Love the story nd star cast team work can be seen
As a Niti Taylor fan I'm loving her new character shivani so cute nd innocent

7 years ago

Param Singh all the way...watching the serial for the khaas #gulam!

7 years ago

Loved ur performance NITI TAYLOR keep rocking
Ghulam rocks

7 years ago

Sweet innocent shivani!
Love you Niti Taylor

7 years ago

Looking forward to see the dynamics of the trio..veer-shivani-rangeela.Niti Taylor will rock for sure.

7 years ago

For those who think this show is "going to show reality and bring about a change", it will simply cash in on showing the heroine's torture like all others before!!!!

Life OK now wants to become Colors!!!!

7 years ago

Loved your entry today Niti Taylor..

7 years ago

I have no words to say!!! This story is going to be truly incredible!!! and Param Singh is going to nail it

Love you loads Parameshwar

7 years ago

Niti Taylor eagerly waiting for your entry as Shivani.all the very best

7 years ago

Waiting for your entry in ghulaam today!
ATB baby!
Niti Taylor

7 years ago

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