4 Boss Women actors who are investing in sustainability & environmental well-being

Mindful of the climate emergency and its associated problems, these boss ladies in the global entertainment industry are walking their talk and backing eco-sensitive businesses and initiatives.

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Pollution, biodiversity erosion, water and food scarcity, and climate change are some of the most urgent environmental challenges facing the world today. In such a scenario, sustainable green businesses, circular economy, and conscious capitalism seek to balance profit with the health of the planet. Mindful of the climate emergency and its associated problems, these boss ladies in the global entertainment industry are walking their talk and backing eco-sensitive businesses and initiatives.

Dia Mirza

For decades, actor, producer, entrepreneur, and climate champion Dia Mirza has spoken up for the preservation of biodiversity, and the conservation of wildlife and led campaigns against plastic pollution. On her 40th birthday, she also donated Rs 40 lakh to the families of forest warriors who had lost their lives during the pandemic. She has also become a discerning eco-investor and is backing sustainable brands like Shumee (wooden toys for kids), Beco India (organic cleaning agents), Greendigo (sustainable baby wear), and Allter (plastic-free diapers). As a UNEP (UN Environment Programme) Goodwill Ambassador, the multi-faceted actor also amplifies important messages about air and water pollution as well as climate action with stakeholders around the world. Be it her zero-waste wedding or the plastic-free celebration of her son Avyaan's second birthday, she exemplifies the values that she now also instills in her children.

Natalie Portman

The Oscar award-winning leading lady of films like 'Black Swan', 'Heat', 'Star Wars' franchise, 'V for Vendetta' and many more is also an environmentalist who supports animal welfare, and vertical farming and advocates sustainability. In 2020, the actress invested in MycoWorks (a Biotech fashion company) which promotes sustainable fashion.  She has also invested in sustainable brands like Bowery Farming (vertical farming), Oatly (milk alternative), and Tender Foods (plant-based meat), which show her dedication to cruelty-free alternatives. The vegan actress has also won the 'Ongoing Commitment Award' at the 27th annual Environmental Media Association Awards  and was one of the producers of the 2018 documentary, 'Eating Animals.'

Emma Watson

The British actor who immortalized the spunky Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series is also known for promoting gender equity, sustainable fashion, and green values. She has collaborated with multiple ethical fashion brands and has invested in People Tree, a sustainable clothing brand that makes environmentally-friendly clothes. Moreover, her investment in FabricNano, a biodegradable plastics startup, showcases her commitment to reducing environmental impact. In 2011, she also collaborated with designer Alberta Ferretti to unveil an eco-friendly fashion collaboration, 'Pure Threads.'  

Gul Panag

Actor, producer, and entrepreneur Gul Panag passionately advocates for a greener future by promoting clean energy via her latest entrepreneurial project- Sunfuel Electric- a startup that provides a seamless charging experience for electric vehicles across India. She also promotes an increased usage of electric vehicles for the sake of a cleaner, healthier environment. She also partook in India's first-ever Green Auction to support sustainability and businesses and startups that are good for the planet. The renowned actress has also invested in OneGreen.in, Asia's largest one-stop online shop for everything natural, safe, conscious, and green.

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