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3s Company's love story for Mahua Gujarati!

After Yash Patnaik and Sanjoy Wadhwa its Producer Chinmay Purohit to bring a new show for Mahua...

Tellybuzz had earlier reported about the launch of the new regional channel, Mahua Gujarati, for which renowned producers are coming up with their shows. 

Popular Producers like J.D. Majethia, Yash Patnaik, Sanjoy Wadhwa are already making their contribution, and the latest we hear is that 3s Company is also coming up with their new show for the channel.

A source tells Tellybuzz, "3s Company is all set to come up with a love story for Mahua Gujarati. The story will focus on the relationship between a rich girl and a middle class boy. The basic motive of this show will be to focus on the theme that love has no boundaries and rules."

We contacted Producer Chinmay Purohit and he confirmed, "Yes, we are coming up with a new show and the auditions are on."

Watch this space for more details!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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premer 9 years ago i thnk this is good show ... Bt wtch fr the time when thy started
nimm_o 11 years ago Salman definitely deserves some1 better
i don't think dat katrina is suitable 4 salman na i don't think so!!!!

AshiYuvi4life 11 years ago I'm sure she's a great person and all, but Sallu definitely deserves better. Someone who will actually love him. Whenever he's destined to marry, inshAllah, he'll be happy. I love you Sallu. <3
cookie09 11 years ago she has tried very had to come up where she is though with lot of help of salman but she is not that bad.. her dialogue delivery for sure is going to be not so good as she does not speak hindi .. she is very fresh and charming girl ... there are many indian born actors who can not speak or have little bit of attitude when they speak hindi ... and i still do not understand why our award functions are in english when they are talking about hindi movies so that clearly shows that they are not comfirtable even being raised in can not blame katrina
BWSweetu 11 years ago Katrina was horrible everytime she opened her mouth. Her dialogue delivery SUCKS!! She's a good eye-candy and I only liked her in the scenes where she's not saying anything.
d.y. 11 years ago you really done need an astrologer to figure that out with so much age difference b/w them they surely are incompatible
bharath2080 11 years ago well, all are thinking like this only. If suppose they both will get married it becomes one of the wonder..........

so cooooooooool man.
babii.girl 11 years ago Kat doesnt even deserve salman... so it doesnt matter
shes never happy when shes around salman, i dont get what her problem is.
dont like her at all
Sanju_ 11 years ago i love salman but i'm not a big fan of sallu-kat jodi so i'm okay with it.
IBserenity 11 years ago who cares about the numbers? there's a huge generational gap between the two...
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