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25 crore deal in Saanchi's life...

An interesting twist coming up in Dhruv and Saachi’s lives as Dhruv’s father will propose a lucrative offer in front of Saanchi to go away from his son’s life…

Innocent people blinded by love, are easily exploited for money. Similar is the story in Sony Entertainment Television's popular love saga Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara which is grabbing massive eye-balls these days, thanks to its appreciated and adored script writing which knows how to make audience to stay connected with the plot.

The audiences have witnessed how Dhruv have got Saanchi to meet his folks after getting the green signal from after getting the green signal from Saanchi's (Sangeeta Ghosh) family. In the upcoming things will take a turn for the worse between the popular love birds of the television.

Saanchi meets Yashwardhan Goel, Dhruv's father and his family for a family dinner. Saanchi is very nervous and feels uncomfortable. Dhruv's mother in a chat with Saanchi asks her to leave Dhruv's life for the sake of her love for her family. While on the other hand Dhruv's father puts a deal in front of Saanchi for Rs. 25 crore and asks her to exit from Dhruv's life forever.

Will love win over Money? What will Saanchi opt for? Tune into watch Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara.


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rishani77 6 years ago The new track is really interesting but really sad 2 c SaRuv in pain, hope they'll be together soon.
Sangeeta Ghosh & Ruslaan Mumtaz are just awesome, they rock!!!
sabreen_06 6 years ago Love u ruslaan mumtaz and sangeeta gosh
jee lee zara rocks
cnt wait for tomrow epi
Livelifegreat2 6 years ago Todays serial broke my heart. I really feel sad for dv. Sachi should understand and respect dvs love than respecting the fake word of his mom. I really admire dvs acting. He is awesome. Lots of love to u. I hope dv understands the truth. And i will be happy to see them together. I wish if i could get chance ti meet tgem bcoz this is one serial i watch religiously. Ruslaan love u a lot.
ANNA55 6 years ago All is well...dv and saanchi wil never separate...
AADHIDEV 6 years ago I Like the new track. its interesting
thou painful
zaara610 6 years ago loved today's episode...this track is very well exwcuted...jee le zaara rocks...!!!
silvermoonlight 6 years ago I dont get the sense this show has a big following so I am surprised by this article...well half of the articles on this site are written by amateurs.
This track is nonsense...and so is the way the love is displayed between Sanchi and Dhruv. My interest fell when they kept showing Sanchi as some sick of that image.

Sometimes when I watch the two together, Sanchi seems a bit motherly towards Dhruv..kind of strange to see..does Dhruv have mommy issues?
Shee_xaan 6 years ago Ruslaan Mumtaz & Sangeeta Ghosh
Ruslaan Mumtaz & Sangeeta Ghosh

love u
TonsOfWishes 6 years ago i m sure the precap showed sachi demanding 25 crores but it is just her 'tit for tat'...she is ready with a 'karara' jawaab...

the dialogs between her n yash goel are very strong and i m loving it!
shristi0706 6 years ago Jlz rocks... I m sure saachi n dvprove to the world that their relationship is very strong..this is one of the best shows on Indian television now..
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