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10 differences between Television and Bollywood love stories

Here are 10 ways how television love stories differ from the Bollywood ones.

Published: Friday,Jun 26, 2015 18:30 PM GMT-06:00
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Love is eternal! Every year a number of movies and television shows are launched which feature new love stories and even new concepts. But Bollywood love stories and the one on TV are completely different! Here are 10 ways how television love stories differ from the Bollywood ones.

1. Television love stories are extremely long running!

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No doubt they are long but they are as long as 7-8 years! They are so long that different actors play the same character over a period of time. Bollywood love stories are nice on the other hand. They end in like 3 hours!


2. Bollywood love stories are focused on the main character

Bollywood love stories are to the point. They show the story of only the main protagonists. On the other hand, television love stories also contain the story of the boy's sister, the girl's sister, the father's affair with another woman, how their kid loves the main protagonist and how she plans to separate the lovers with a side dish of deaths and plastic surgeries.


3. Television protagonists are shown as the typical Indian couple

The male is shown as the bread winner whereas the female is mostly shown as a Sanskari Bahu' who does nothing but serves the family for the rest of her life while facing a number of problems and also constant trouble created by the vamp. Movies on the other hand are showing modern concepts of live-in relationships and portraying females as strong independent beings.


4. Bollywood love stories are featuring bold women

Television shows the male protagonist beating up bad guys, flirting and also making the first move. Bollywood has recently seen a change in this format as girls are being shown as rough and tough junkies who are making bold moves in love.


5. A happy ending to television love stories? Hahaha!

Bollywood love stories end in maximum 3 hours, in which either the couple lives happily or they don't. Whereas TV couples meet and are separated at least a dozen times! This extends the show for a decade and finally there may or may not be a happy ending to their love story or there may be a second season!


6. Television love ends after marriage

Television love stories only exist until their wedding or maybe their wedding night. After that we never see the couple actually embracing their love for each other. Their goal instantly transforms into giving birth to the family's vaaris. Maybe the writers don't think it through about what will happen after the couple is finally together!


7. Television lovers usually meet at their office or at a temple

TV couples mostly meet in the office or in a temple. The writers just love to show the boss secretary relationship. Can't they meet on a blind date or something? It's time to modernize dear writers.


8. Bollywood love stories mostly end after the couple is back together, or not

Bollywood love stories are mostly about how the guy crosses various obstacles before he actually gets the girl. They end with couple living happily ever after or the two not being able to meet each other. On the other hand, TV love stories turn into saas -bahu sagas after the big wedding and the show runs on this platform for years!


9. TV lovers will give up their love for unwise reasons

Most Bollywood breakups happen due to valid and possible reasons. For instance the girl's father disapproving of their relationship or death of either one or maybe one of them is cheating. But television love stories are given up for lame reasons like blackmail! Call the police and get your love back!


10. Television hypes consummation after marriage

The entire wedding scene in Bollywood which includes all the rituals like Sangeet and mehendi are covered in one song and by the end of this song the whole process' is already done. Things in Tellywood are different. All rituals of the marriage take over a month to complete. The wedding itself will take a couple of days and the writers come off with a brilliant idea called as the Maha-Episode' which gives the viewers around 1.5 hours of after marriage action i.e. Badaam dudh drinking.

We hope to see a change in the format of television love stories and fear not as the producers have heard our call and are experimenting with new content. Finally we will see some change in the stereotype patterns of television.  

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